Announcing Journey 3000: an interactive audio adventure

The first Alexa skill based on a Choose Your Own Adventure®* book written and adapted by the creator of the concept, Edward Packard

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS (October 8, 2020) – SpeechCloud Studios today announced the release of Journey 3000, an Alexa skill based on a Bantam classic Choose Your Own Adventure®* book, written and adapted for interactive audio by Edward Packard. Packard is the creator of the Choose Your Own Adventure®* concept and author of the first book and about 50 more of them in the series. The Alexa skill offers a new way for young listeners and adults to experience the adventure and brings the story to life with voice-based control. Journey 3000 is narrated by David Corenswet, recently featured in the Netflix series “Hollywood” and “The Politician.” The Alexa skill is now available on every Alexa-enabled device. To activate the skill say “Alexa, enable Journey 3000” and start your adventure almost a thousand years in the future.

Stories from the ’80s
“Through the use of Amazon Alexa we can finally bring back these amazing stories from the ‘80s in a completely new and interactive way.” says Christiaan Quak, founder of Amsterdam based SpeechCloud Studios. “We are honored Edward Packard wanted to work with us and adapt one of his greatest books, Journey to the Year 3000, for interactive audio. Funded with a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2019, it took almost two years to develop. We can’t wait for people to try it out.”

Bedtime stories
Edward Packard: “About fifty years ago, telling bedtime stories to my kids, I would make the story about them and from time to time give them choices and ask what they would do. This turned into Bantam’s classic Choose Your Own Adventure®* series. I never thought that someday listeners, wherever they were, could say what they decided to do and the story would continue for them just the way it did for my kids. With the help of SpeechCloud Studios, I revised and adapted one of my favorite books, Journey to the Year 3000. Now everyone that has an Amazon Alexa supported device can transport themselves a thousand years into the future without even opening their eyes.”

Narration by David Corenswet
The Alexa skill consists of more than two hours of professionally recorded narration by actor David Corenswet who is best known for his prominent roles in Netflix series “The Politician” and “Hollywood”. The musical interlude was created by Chris Dahlke, a student at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music. The story includes 32 different endings that will lead you to visit Venus, Mars, Earth, and other places in outer space. Journey 3000 is now available for free in the Alexa Skills Store and works on any Alexa-enabled device. With the voice command: “Alexa, enable Journey 3000,” the official skill will be activated and your journey will begin. When not in possession of an Alexa enabled device, it’s possible to visit to launch it directly from your phone, tablet or computer or visit the Alexa skill store to enable it.

*Note: Choose Your Own Adventure is a registered trademark of Chooseco LLC, which is not associated in any manner with this product, Edward Packard, or SpeechCloud Studios.


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About SpeechCloud Studios
Amsterdam based startup SpeechCloud Studios is one of the first voice design studios in the Netherlands and is specialized in creating voice adventures for kids and adults on the voice platforms of both Amazon Alexa and the Google assistant. Christiaan Quak is known for his voice related work at Heineken, Drinkies and L’or Professional and has been featured as a speaker at Emerce eDay 2019.

About Edward Packard
Edward Packard was born in 1931 in Huntington, New York. He graduated from Princeton, served in the U.S. Navy, graduated from Columbia Law School, and practiced law before becoming a full-time writer. He conceived of the idea and wrote the prototype and first book for Bantam’s classic Choose Your Own Adventure®* series, and wrote many other books in the series as well as diverse works of fiction and non-fiction, some of which are noted at His most recent book, It’s a Miracle It Wasn’t Worse –– Growing Up in the 1930s and 1940s, was published in 2016. In collaboration with SpeechCloud Studios, Edward Packard revised and adapted one of his favorite books, Journey to the Year 3000, into the world’s first interactive audio adaptation of one of his original Choose Your Own Adventure®* classics.

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Cover illustration Journey 3000
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Original flowchart, by Edward Packard
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